Sunday, August 24, 2008

Legally Shoplifting from CVS

I decided to start shopping early for Christmas. I thought that a little extra money spent every week would be a lot less noticeable on the budget than doing it all in November and December.
I noticed the Vivitar telescope advertised in the CVS circular and thought my 4-year-old would love it. I bought it for a grand total of $16.04.
I came home and started rethinking my purchase. I bet I could get it cheaper than that if I was a little savvy. I started doing my research.........
I've always been a big bargain hunter and coupon user. I never realized the HUGE DEALS you can walk away with at CVS. Let's just say when I got done with I'm about to tell you, I felt like I was shoplifting (but legally).
My first deal at CVS was some digital pictures I needed to print out. I uploaded them on the CVS website. After I was all done (which took me forever since my computer was acting up), I learned they were going to charge a service fee of $1.49 since my order was under $5.00. I thought that was ridiculous, so I did some research. One woman's blog said she got around it by going to the Downloads section on the CVS website and hitting one of the buttons. She said you didn't have to actually download the software, but it would add photos in your account. That didn't work for me. I went to the "My Account" section and pressed the "Update" button next to the Extracare Card number. I never changed my number or anything, but it automatically added 30 free prints into my account.
My next deals were on my shopping trips on August 21st and 22nd.

Shopping Trip #1
Children's Advil
Paid $5.79
Received $5.79 Extra Care Bucks (ECB)

Shopping Trip #2
CVS Babywipes $1.88 on sale
Bandaid Ultra $4.49
Neosporin $5.79
Coupon for Bandaid -1.00
Coupon for Neosporin -1.00
CVS Coupon $2 off $10 -2.00 (found on the internet)
CVS Skincare Coupon -2.00 (I actually made $.12 off the babywipes)
ECB from Shopping Trip #1 -5.79
Paid $.37
Received $5.00 ECB for buying $10 worth of Band-Aid/Neosporin Products

Shopping Trip #3
CVS Babywipes $1.88 on sale
Crest Toothpaste $1.99 on sale
Crest Toothpaste $1.99 on sale
Children's Advil $5.79
CVS Skincare Coupon -2.00 (I made $.12 off the babywipes)
CVS Coupon $2 off $10 -2.00
Children's Advil Coupon -1.00 (found on internet)
Crest Toothpaste Coupon -1.00
ECB from Shopping Trip #2 -5.00
Paid $.65
Received $7.79 ECB for buying Crest toothpaste ($2.00) and Children's Advil ($5.79)

Shopping Trip #4
Suave Bodywash 3 for $5.00 on sale (had bonus bottles for 18 oz. instead of 12 oz.)
Sally Hansen Nailpolish $3.88 (2 bottles Buy One get one 50%)
CVS Sunscreen $2.19
Gum Crayola Toothbrushes (not on sale but needed them) $3.99
Telescope $14.99
CVS Coupon $5 off $25 -5.00
CVS Skincare Coupon -2.00 (I only paid $.19 for the sunscreen)
Sally Hansen CVS Coupon -3.00
ECB from Shopping Trip #3 -7.79
Suave Coupon -2.00 (off 3 bottles- found in newspaper insert)
Gum Crayola Coupon -.75
Paid $10.58

Total Paid from all Shopping Trips $17.39
Total Paid originally for Telescope $16.04
Extra Money Paid $1.35
Lots of extra merchandise!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband was even impressed with my savvy shopping. When you have a family of five and only one income, you have to be savvy.
Stop by again to read my blogs on being a stay-at-home mom of three children ages 4 and under and my latest shopping deals and tips.

Have a wonderful week! God Bless.

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