Sunday, September 14, 2008

Legally Shoplifting at Walgreens Saturday Night ($3.23 for all of this!)

I could not let a $10.00 Walgreens coupon slip through my fingers. The last day to use it was yesterday so I went out last night. I purchased all of the items in the picture for $3.23.
So many people have been asking how I do this. I have described in detail everything I did ..........
1.) 32 oz. honey = $2.99 (price was $7.48 but I bought it for $2.99- I had an old rain check from 3-08 that I used for two bottles). Remember to ALWAYS get a rain check if something is not in stock.
2.) Glade Spray = $.49 (Sale Price $1.99-Walgreens coupon $1.00-Manufacturer's Coupon $1.50) Remember to stack Walgreens coupons with Manufacturer's Coupons for great savings!
3.) Granola Bars (Nature Valley & Fiber One) = $1.50 (Sale Price $2.00- Manufacturer's Coupon $.50) Not a SUPER deal, but I needed them.
4.) Tylenol PM = $.49 (Sale Price 2.49-Manufacturer's Coupon $2.00)
5.) LypSyl = FREE (Price $1.99-Rebate for September $1.99)
6.) Crest ProHealth = They paid me $.75 (Price $3.79-Rebate for September $3.79-Manufacturer's Coupon $.75)
7.) Walgreens Acid Controller = FREE (Price $7.99-Rebate for September $7.99)
8.) 1 SunSilk Conditioner & 1 SunSilk Hairspray = $1.29 (Sale Price Buy One at $4.29 Get 1 Free) I used 2 coupons @ $1.50 each.
9.) Walgreens Pitcher Filter = FREE (Price $6.99-Rebate for September $6.99) I have a Brita Pitcher and this filter fits in it.
10.) 2 Cans Butterball Chicken Broth = $1.00 ($2.38 -Walgreens coupon $1.38)
11.) Excedrin = FREE (Price $3.99-Rebate for September $3.99)
12.) Calculator = $1.00 (I needed an extra $1.00 to reach $40 so I could use my Walgreens $10 off coupon. I'm going to put it in my son's Christmas stocking.)
13.) Envelopes = $1.99 (I desperately needed these and cringed because it wasn't a deal.)
14.) Kiwi Wipes = $.09 (They are shoe polish wipes on sale for $1.09-Manufacturer's Coupon $1.00)
My total after all coupons came to $30.46. I had to pay that amount up front. I then have to enter the Rebate items on It is very easy. I can get a check mailed to me for $24.75 or have it added to my Walgreens gift card. If I do that, I get an extra 10% which brings the grand total to $27.23.
That means I've only paid $3.23 for all of that merchandise!
I'm working on my shopping scenarios for this week. I should have them out soon. Keep checking. Remember to never pay retail and have a blessed week!

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