Friday, September 19, 2008

Needed Milk- Got A Lot More for Less

I needed to buy some milk. It is cheaper to buy milk at CVS than going to the grocery store if you plan ahead. The milk at CVS was $3.99 the other day, but it is now ringing up at $3.79. Here is what I did.............

Transaction #1
$19.99 Precision Xtra Advanced Diabetes Management System
$9.99 Revlon Age Defying Foundation
-5.00 CVS Coupon $5 off $25 (I received it from scanning my card at the machine when you walk in)
-9.99 Precision Xtra coupon from newspaper
-2.00 Revlon coupon from newspaper
$13.34 Total
Received $10.00 in extra bucks from Precision Xtra
Received $5.00 in extra bucks from Revlon

Transaction #2
$3.79 Milk
$3.79 Milk
$3.79 Milk
$2.99 Johnson & Johnson Easy Comb Tangle Spray
-2.00 CVS coupon $2.00 off $10.00
-1.00 Johnson & Johnson coupon
-10.00 extra bucks from Precision Xtra
$1.36 Total

Total Paid $14.70
I still have $5.00 extra bucks to use on my next trip, so I really only paid $9.70.

***If I just walked in and bought milk, I would have paid $11.37.***

It pays off to plan ahead for your shopping trips. God bless you.

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