Friday, June 26, 2009

Pacific Rim Winery Disappointment

I had posted an offer last month for the free Pacific Rim Winery free reusable bag. I received an email today telling me no one is getting the bags. Their explanation was that they only produced 3,000 bags, but they had received 80,000 requests. They blamed it all on our "freebie" websites. They are making it up to us by giving us a "mind-blowing discount" of one free bottle of wine and free shipping if we buy 3 bottles of Riesling at $10.99 each. Give me a break!!!! I sent them this email to let them know what I thought about their offer:

Dear Pacific Rim Winery,

I am extremely disappointed by the email I just received about not being able to get a reusable shopping bag. You even still have the offer on your website. Please don’t make promises you simply cannot keep. That is bad business. I am very disappointed in your company and will spread the word on your refusal to send the shopping bag you promised and will not purchase your wine even with your “mind-blowing discount”!

After sending this email, they responded by saying they'll send me the bag. I received the bag in the mail yesterday.

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