Thursday, June 4, 2009


My Walgreens never seems to have the sale items in stock. About a month ago, I asked for a rain check for the Nivea Body Wash and the Rembrandt toothpaste. The rain check clearly said the sale price plus the Register Rewards on it. When I went to redeem the rain checks, the shift manager told me he'd give me the sale price but not the Register Rewards. I told him I understood the Register Rewards would no longer print since the sale was over but asked if he would put the amount on a Walgreens gift card. He said "No"! I went home and emailed and asked them why I should be penalized because my Walgreens never has the sale items in stock. The Store Manager from my store called me himself. He apologized and said his manager should have put the Register Rewards amount on a gift card. I shouldn't be penalized because the item wasn't in stock. He then told me he would create a gift card for me with the total of both Register Rewards.

If your Walgreens gives you trouble like mine did, email under the category "store management". That should stir things up like it did for me.

It is always something with Walgreens. The cashier tonight told me I couldn't use more than one Register Rewards coupon in one transaction. I looked at him like he was crazy and told him I could as long as my coupons did not exceed my merchandise. He scanned them and they took just fine. I told him not to doubt me since I was a "Professional Walgreens Shopper". :)

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