Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saving Money Mommy's Tuesday Tip

Starting today, I will send out a money saving tip every Tuesday.

The tip for today is......

Don't get a monthly cellular phone plan if all you do is use your cell phone for emergencies. Get a prepaid phone instead. I have a T-Mobile Prepaid Phone and my husband uses a TracFone. We use it when necessary, but we don't have long conversations on those phones.

I pay $91.18/yr. for 1000 minutes (through Calling Mart) that expire in 1 year. That's about all I use. I used to spend $40.00/mo. for cell service. By having my prepaid phone, I save about $388.00/yr.

You can research all the different prepaid phones here. When you are ready to buy one, you can pick one up at your local grocery store, department store or drug store. There are many different styles of phones to choose from. You can also purchase one online. Check out the different phones and prices at Nextag.

Go out today and get a great deal!

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