Monday, November 30, 2009

Tracfone Deal

As you may have already read in this blog, my husband and I both have prepaid cell phones.  We only use them in emergencies and they save our household a lot of money.  My husband needed some airtime added to his Tracfone.  I went through ShopAtHome first and found Tracfone.  I bought the 1 Year 400 minute card and used Promo Code 53544.  I spent $107.00 and received the 400 minutes plus an additional 400 minutes because he has a Double Minutes For Life Phone plus an additional 250 minutes for using the Promo Code 53544.  The total minutes is now 1050!  By clicking through ShopAtHome, I also earned 18% cash back (before taxes) which is $18.00!  My total out of pocket will be $89 for 1050 or $.085 cents per minute. 
Go out today and get a great deal!

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