Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saving Money Mommy's Tuesday Tip- Airline Travel

My tip for today is to do some research before booking your next airline flight.  You can no longer just go online and check to see who has the best airline fare for your travel dates.  You also need to compare the fees the airlines charge for baggage, in flight service, blankets, headsets, etc.  You can't even get a free soda on a lot of airlines!  I have looked at numerous travel sites and found TripAdvisor to be the best for getting a true indication of what your final price will be.  TripAdvisor compares the ticket prices on most airlines.  It also has a Fees Estimator option that lets you see how much extra money it will be for baggage, in flight service, etc.   It totals it all for you so you know how much money it will really cost for your trip.

I really hate to be "nickel-and-dimed" by the airlines.  There is one airline I know of that refuses to do this to us.  Southwest Airlines is my top choice for air travel.  Each person can check two bags at no extra charge.  You can get a drink and snack at no extra charge.  They also keep their prices low.

No matter what airline you choose, make sure you know your total cost up front so you don't have any surprises on your travel day.  Traveling these days is enough of a hassle without surprises.

Go out today and get a great deal!

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