Thursday, February 4, 2010

McDonald's Valentine Coupons

I found the McDonald's Valentine Coupons yesterday at the McDonald's off I-4 at McIntosh Rd. in the Tampa, FL area.  Not all McDonald's carry these coupon books.  Make sure you call your McDonald's first to see if they sell the books.  These books are $1.00 and they have the following coupons:

3 FREE Bag of Apple Dippers coupons
3 FREE Small Apple Juice or FREE Milk Jug coupons
3 FREE Small Cones
2 FREE Hamburgers
1 FREE Small McCafe Coffee (a gift for Moms and Dads)

I love these coupon books!  They usually come out around Valentine's Day and Halloween.  My kids love to go to McDonald's, but the cost adds up quickly.  These coupons really help out.  These coupons are valid from 2/14/10-5/31/10.

Go out today and get a great deal!

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