Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saving Money Mommy's Tuesday Tip- Dining Out

Sorry my Tuesday tip turned into a Wednesday tip this week.  It has been a hectic week with Valentine's Day coming up and all the school activities.  As I was thinking about Valentine's Day, I wondered how many people will be eating at home this year instead of going out to eat because of the poor economy.

My tip for today is you don't have to spend a fortune dining out.  Many of us have given up going out to restaurants to save some money.  We all know that you can buy a couple of weeks worth of groceries for the average cost of a nice dinner at a restaurant.  If you really want to treat yourself by dining out, you can do it without feeling that guilty.

Many restaurants nowadays have coupons.  I find a lot in the Sunday paper and in local coupon books.  You can also get coupons by signing up on a restaurant website.  This website that I found has a listing of a lot of popular restaurants and some discounts.  There are also many restaurants that have specials like two can dine for $20, etc.

I buy gift certificates when there is a discount on them.  Go to through the Ebates website.  $25 gift certificates are currently $2 using the code HEART plus you'll receive a FREE $15 FTD reward.  You will also get 15% cash back on your purchase by clicking through Ebates.  We don't go out to eat very often, but sometimes get FREE babysitting so we go out.  We save a lot of money by buying these gift certificates.  It is like having a $23 off coupon when you buy the gift certificates for only $2!

If you want to treat the kids, certain McDonald's restaurants are offering $1.99 Happy Meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I also found McDonald's coupons in the Sunday paper a few weeks ago so the whole family could go out to eat and not spend a fortune.

The restaurants are really hurting in this economy so the deals are out there.  Keep your eyes open for TV commercials, newspaper ads and flyers. 

Go out today and get a great deal!

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