Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sam's Club Deal

Yes, I'm finally back from vacation.  Thanks for your patience.  :)  I have been shopping all day and getting great deals on school supplies and stockpile items.  I will start blogging about my deals again on a regular basis.

I heard about a Sam's Club deal where you sign up for their $40 membership and receive a $20 gift card.  I ended my Sam's Club membership at the beginning of this year because I didn't want to pay the $40 membership fee.  I was also upset that so many other warehouse clubs accept coupons and Sam's did not.  You can get some great deals at Sam's (especially on meat and gasoline) so I thought the $20 membership fee would end up paying off.

The Customer Service Rep offered me a $100 Plus Membership.  I was quickly going to turn that down until I heard that the Plus Membership now has personalized digital coupons called eValues. Savings are taken at the register and there is no need to cut coupons. eValues are only available to Plus Members. The ones shown to me today were $2.00 off Downy, $2.00 off chicken breast and many others.  She also told me that if I got a Sam's Club credit card they would automatically take $40.00 off the $100 membership fee. 

I looked at it like this:
$100 Plus Membership Fee
-$40 Automatic Discount
-$20 Gift Card
Total = $40 (paid today for the Plus Membership)
-$4 in eValue coupons I already used today
$36 is my current total paid for membership fee (If I use $36 more in eValue coupons, my membership fee will be FREE).

I know that the $20 gift card offer expires on 8/1/10 and am not sure how long the $40 Plus Membership discount will last.

If you are considering joining Sam's Club, go by August 1st to take advantage of the $20 gift card offer. 

Go out today and get a great deal!

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