Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saving Money Mommy's Tuesday Tip- Frivolous Spending

There are so many new gadgets out there lately.  I am feeling more like "grandma" when it comes to the latest technology.  I don't know much about iPhones or Blackberries.  I have a prepaid cell phone that costs around $100/yr. because that is all I need.  A phone with all the bells and whistles would be a waste of money for me.  I just use my cell for emergencies and quick calls.  I am not going to go out and buy something just because everyone else has one. 

So many people run out and buy something when it first comes out on the market just to say they have it.  You will never be able to reduce your debt and save money unless you cut out frivolous spending.  Hold off before you buy something and consider if it is really worth it. 

Go out today and get a great deal!

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