Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saving Money Mommy's Tuesday Tip- Grocery Shopping List

Before you go to the grocery store, you must have a good list put together along with your coupons if you want to save money.  Head to Southern Savers first and find your grocery store's weekly ad along with the coupon match-ups.

There are boxes next to every item on sale that you can check off if you are interested in buying that item.  The coupons that go along with that item are also listed.  If there is an internet coupon, print it.  When you are done going through the list, click the "Create List" button at the bottom and it will create your list that you can print out.  Find the coupons you need, put them in a pile along with your grocery list and head out.

Now if you are just starting out couponing, you may not have all the coupons.  Buy at least two Sunday papers each week and pick up coupons whenever you see them.  In no time, you will have most of the coupons you need.

I've been using Southern Savers for a couple of months now to help me create my grocery lists.  I love it because it's FREE and it saves me more time than any other site I've tried.

Not all grocery stores in the country are listed on this site.  The prices of the items listed may vary from area to area so cross reference it with your paper weekly ad if you want the actual price.  Also, it may talk about double coupons and not all areas double coupons.

Email me at savingmoneymommy@yahoo.com  if you have any questions.

Go out today and get a great deal!

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