Sunday, October 6, 2013

Isotonix Multivitamin Review and Giveaway

Isotonix® Multivitamin

What Makes Isotonix® Multivitamin Unique?

Vitamins and minerals help to support a healthy immune system, promote the conversion of food into energy, support a healthy cardiovascular system, support strong bones, promote mental clarity, maintain normal metabolic functioning, promote healthy growth and repair of tissues, help maintain normal blood pressure and help maintain water and electrolyte balance in the body. There is no substitute for a healthy, well-balanced diet; however, in today’s fast-paced lifestyles it is important to ensure the body is getting the fuel it needs.*

Isotonix® Multivitamin is an isotonic-capable food supplement containing 100 percent or more of the daily value of essential vitamins and minerals. There are wide varieties of vitamin and mineral supplements on the market today. Only Isotonix Multivitamin contains a unique blend of complementary vitamins and minerals with the superior delivery of Isotonix. The isotonic state of the suspension allows nutrients to pass directly into the small intestine and be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. With Isotonix products, little nutritive value is lost, making the absorption of nutrients highly efficient while delivering maximum results.

Isotonix Multivitamin is a great supplement choice for all adults and especially for athletes, growing teenagers and pre-menopausal women. Isotonix® Multivitamin is available with and without iron for differing nutritional needs.*

My husband and I take Isotonix Multivitamins every morning.  We mix a capful with 2 oz. of water.  It tastes delicious and I know it is not sitting in my stomach waiting to be dissolved like a pill.

Enter to win a bottle of Isotonix Multivitamin without Iron (30 Servings)......

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  1. Congratulations Maegan Morin, the winner of the Isotonix Multivitamin! Thank you to everyone who entered.

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