Thursday, April 30, 2015

Quicken Software Discount

I've been using Quicken for a few years now after Microsoft Money went away.  Much to my chagrin, they sent me an email telling me I had to upgrade to the latest Quicken software in order to keep online access for my accounts.  It wasn't just a $10.00 upgrade like it should be.  It would cost me $74.99, the full price of the software!  I decided I would leave Quicken and find an alternative.  The problem was I couldn't find another accounting software I liked.  I shopped all around and decided to find a way around paying $74.99.

I found a site called Discount Flair.  They had the Quicken software I needed for $23.49.  They sent me the software link immediately through email and it works great.

I'm still not happy about having to pay anything, but I like using Quicken to track all my accounts in one place.

My lesson here is by shopping around, you can save money.  I saved $51.50 this time.

Go out today and get a great deal!

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