Monday, August 17, 2015

Triple Play Deal at Payless Shoes

After a busy summer with moving to Pennsylvania, I'm finally back at finding deals.  The kids start school in a couple of weeks and they all need new sneakers.  After searching around online, I finally decided Payless could give me the best deals.  I have outlined what I did below.  It will sound confusing but if you follow the steps, it is not difficult.  I ended up saving $106.12 plus earned $1.71 in Cashback on 4 pair of sneakers!

I went to and added what I wanted to my cart.  Payless was having a good sale.  I used the coupon code 251463310 to get an additional 25% off.  I saw my total was close to $49.48 after the discount.  I also signed into my Payless account at this time so the order was in my account.  I exited out of the site.

I went to my Cashback site and typed in in the search bar at the top. is a discounted gift card site.  I bought a $50.00 Payless eGift Card for only $35.84.  It was ready 7 minutes after placing the order.  I also got 2% Cashback for clicking through  I had to click "My Account" in and then the order number to get the eGift card number and copied it.

I went back to and typed Payless Shoes in the search bar at the top.  I went to Payless and back to my order.  On the billing page, it will give you the option of entering a gift card.  This is where I put the eGift card number I copied from

The $50.00 eGift Card was deducted from my order total of $49.48.  I owed nothing more at Payless and $.52 is still on the eGift Card.  I am also going to receive 2% Cashback for clicking Payless Shoes through

So to sum this up, I am getting 4 pair of brand new sneakers for my tweens for $35.84 (retail cost $141.96).

Like I said, it sounds a little confusing.  It did not take me tons of time, but the money I saved was definitely worth it!

Go out today and get a great deal!

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