Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm legally shopflifting at Walgreens too!

It was Saturday night. I put the kids to bed and read some blogs. I was not aware of the "double dipping" scenario at Walgreens until last night. I quickly put together a list, grabbed my coupons, told my husband I'd be back in a little while and raced out the door.

"Double dipping" at Walgreens is a day when both the August Rebate Book and September Rebate Book are valid. You can use coupons and rebates from both books. I also had a $10 off $40 coupon that Walgreens e-mailed me. Here is what I bought..........

L'Oreal RevitaLift 12.36 (on sale) September Rebate $12.36 (Free)

Nivea Bodywash for Men $4.99 September Rebate $4.99 (Free)

Fructis Shampoo 3.49 September Rebate- Spend $20 on Fructis Get $10

Fructis Shampoo 3.49

Fructis Conditioner 3.49

Fructis Shampoo 3.49

Fructis Conditioner 3.49

Fructis Styler 3.99

Visine 4.79

Walgreens Hydrocortisone 5.99 (Buy One Get One Free)

Chemistry Hair Conditioner 7.99 September Rebate $7.99 (Free)

Revlon Nail Enamel 4.49 September Rebate $4.49 (Free)

Fructis Coupons from August Book -6.00 ($1.00 X 6)

Visine Coupon from Sept. Book -2.00

Visine Manuf. Coupon -2.00

Fructis Manuf. Coupon -5.00 (I only had 5 coupons for $1.00 each)

Nivea Manuf. Coupon -1.00

Chemistry Coupon -3.00 (from August Rebate Book)

Revlon Manuf. Coupon -2.00

Walgreen Coupon -10.00 off $40 purchase (after coupons applied)

Total Paid Out of Pocket $33.94

Rebates I will receive on a Walgreens Gift Card $39.83

All of this merchandise is FREE and they are going to give me $5.89!!!!!!!

Believe it or not, I could have done even better if I had one more Fructis coupon and a L'Oreal coupon. Remember I'm still pretty new at this. My husband can't believe I can actually do better.

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