Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saving Money Mommy's Tuesday Tip- Coupon Organization

My tip for today is to find a way of organizing coupons that is right for you.  We all have different ways of organizing our coupons.  I used to sit there on Monday morning and clip for hours, but I don't clip the coupons anymore until I need them.  I have an old Sams Club Baby Wipes box that is 8" X 13 1/2".  I put the date on top of all the coupon inserts and place them in the box each week.  When I do a shopping list I work from Hot Coupon World.  It tells me where I can find the coupon.  I take the insert out of the box and cut the coupon then.  If I happen to see a good deal but don't have the coupon, I buy it anyway.  I then take my receipt back to the store with my coupon and the store gives me cash.  Check with your store first to see if they allow this.  I also have a big coupon filing box that looks like a tackle box.  I keep my home mailer coupons, internet coupons, peelies, tearpads, etc. in there sorted by category.  I take that on every shopping trip.  There is a great article on coupon organization here.

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