Saturday, January 23, 2021


This was an easy trip to get these items FREE this week at CVS.

$3.00 Crest Pro Health 3.5-4.6 oz.
-2.00 Crest coupon on CVS App
Buy 1 Get $1.00 ExtraBucks Reward
Final Price = FREE

$3.49 Colgate Optic White 4.2 oz.
$3.49 Colgate Optic White 4.2 oz.
-2.00 Colgate coupon on CVS App
-5.00 off 2 (print out coupon at red kiosk in store)
Final Price = FREE

$1.50 Hallmark Card
$1.50 Hallmark Card
-3.00 off 2 Hallmark Cards on CVS App

Coupons may vary on the CVS App.

If you have these coupons, go out today and get a great deal!

Monday, August 17, 2020

Xfinity Remote Replay Feature

Xfinity gave us a new remote because the last one stopped working.  We were annoyed because the new remote didn't have the replay button like the old one.  There is a trick you can use to get the replay feature back. Shut your TV off and take the remote to a different room.  Press Exit 3 times then press 0030.  Go turn your TV back on and press Page Down.  The show will go back 15 seconds.  If you press Page Up, it will move ahead 30 seconds (if you are far enough behind live TV or a recording).  

I hope it makes your TV watching a little better!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Persil Discs $.49 at CVS

If you received the $2.50 off Persil CVS coupon on the app or kiosk, you can combine it with a $2 off manufacturer's coupon.  That will bring the total down to $0.49 since it is on sale this week for $4.99.

Go out today and get a great deal!